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CBD Harmony kristallen 99% pure 500mg

CBD Harmony  kristallen 99% pure 500mg
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CBD Harmony kristallen 99% pure 500mg
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CBD Harmony kristallen 99% pure 500mg

Harmony CBD kristallen 99% pure 500mg

Each box contains 500mg (1/2g) of 99% pure CBD. From high quality certified organic hemp grown in EU. The purest CBD extract you will find, at the best price. Solvent free and lab tested.


Pure Cannabidiol (CBD) 99%, 0% THC.


Used in edibles and ideal for inhalation using a vaporizer for oils and wax, or to mix with your favorite e-liquid. Store away from sunlight, heat and humidity and refrigerate.

CBD Crystals: 500mg isolate CBD

CBD is a compound found and extracted from specific hemp strains. Contrary to THC, it has no psychotropic or hallucinogenic effects. Harmony CBD Crystals are the purest CBD isolate you will find.

From Hemp to CBD

After hemp oil is removed from the plant, it can be further refined to isolate only CBD. To isolate our pure CBD crystals, we extract hemp oil to put it through a ‘winterisation’ process or slowly heated to remove fats and lipids. Then, we use a machine called a rotary evaporator to remove any remaining plant traces. The final product is decarboxylated through another meticulous heating process to activate the cannabinoids, making them bio available for consumers.


500mg (1/2g)

>99% pure CBD crystals

Guaranteed without THC

Solvent Free

Third Party Tested

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